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Dr. Annette Publishing Pusher is CEO and Founder of JATNE Publishing, LLC.  Dr. Annette supports writers, aspiring authors, through guidance, empowerment, assisting them to Amplify their voice, Release their thoughts, to make their Vision plain.  She coaches others in developing and book publishing. She runs her own small independent business, JATNE publishing.   She is the author of several books to include: Living Words of Encouragement Vol. 1 & 2, Book of Isaiah 23-Day Devotion, JESUS the Path to Victorious Living, Holistic Wellness Mind Body Spirit, book and journal, co-author Graced for It Devotional Vol. 1: Your Purpose Matters; Let The Kingdompreneur Speak. She is the lead author and compiler of the  Centered in Christ anthology. 

                 Dr. Annette was the past radio personality with three other powerful women on Power and Praise Radio, Sumter SC. She is the creator and voice of Living Holistically Well with Dr. West Podcast. The Podcast is now under Dr. Annette Publishing Pusher, accessible on Anchor, Apple, Spotify and other platforms.

                 Dr. Annette has always had a heart to teach and serve others. She is the voice of LivingWord International Ministry every Sunday morning on Facebook, YouTube and live streaming on Zoom. She has a Sister’s of Valor women’s ministry , Marriage-Connection group, LivingWord International Outreach Ministry that supports mission in Kakamega, Kenya and Holistic Wellness Mind Body Spirit health group.

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