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New Arrivals

JATNE Publishing is a faith-based publisher with a focus on a number of different subject areas. Have a look at our newest releases below including Centered in Christ: Lift Him Up, Manners Etiquette Self -Esteem 4 U & Me, and Two, One...Now Three: How Can That Be?

Copy of Copy of CnC Lift Him Up LIGHT PINK.png

Centered In Christ vol 3

Lift Him Up

etiquette-book-nw-changes (2).png

Manners Etiquette Self Esteem

4 "U" & Me

Copy of Untitled Design (1).png

The Fear to Persevere


Kippers and Capes

A Young Nurse's Plight

two-one-now-three (1).jpg

Two, One...Now Three

How Can That Be?

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